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Spotter Horse-Power
Miasto Miami Beach (FL), United States of America
Data 2019-08-06 10:29

I spotted this matte grey horse with Florida tags ( JZYQ93 ) on two different dates and locations. The first time was on Washington Ave when the driver pulled into the valet in front of the Baridol Restaurant. The second was at the Bal Harbour mall.

Szczeg├│┼éy dotycz─ůce samochodu

Pr─Ödko┼Ť─ç maksymalna 327 km/u
Przyspieszenie 0-100 km/u 3.20 s
Moc 670 pk
Moment obrotowy 759 Nm @ 3000 tpm
Masa 1420 kg

Komentarze do tego spotu

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    lyon1845  -  o 11:54

    Cool spot

  2. Profile pic
    hardstyler  -  o 12:51

    Great spec and incredible combos!

  3. Profile pic
    thomcarspotter  -  o 18:20

    I like the black/matte grey spec! Looks good! lovely combo's!

  4. Profile pic
    NCspotter  -  o 00:48

    Two more cars from McLaren Charlotte, lol.

  5. Profile pic
    Horse-Power  -  o 10:06

    Thank you Alen, Jeffrey, Thom, and Nick for taking the time to comment.

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    JCS_carphotography  -  o 12:37

    Nice one!

  7. Profile pic
    Horse-Power  -  o 12:37

    Thank you, Jelle.

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